Front Entrance Pressure Washing That Will Make Your Mother Feel At Home

For some of us there are very few things we can do to please our mothers. But your luck just changed! There is finally something you can do that will stop her in her tracks. Follow these three tactics and you'll have her jaw on the floor the minute her '86 Buick hits your driveway.

Mud Daubers - Scrubbing is the key

Those pesky mud daubers spend all their time playing in the mud created by your sprinkler system and building homes up in the corners of your front entrance area - all the day long. It's time to show them they are not welcome and you mean it this time (well at least for this season). 

Most homeowners and even some pressure washing companies will spray their nests with water, knocking them down but leaving a nasty circle of residue behind. It's like the daubers got into your gorilla glue to get things going and then ran out of patience the rest of the way through the build. Classic! Knocking them down is definitely the first step, but if you want them to go away for good, you have to get the ladder out and get eye to eye with their handy work. You're going to need a strong bristled brush and some Simple Green cleaning agent. Go to town squirting and scrubbing. You'll like the results you get. Much better than just knocking them down or letting them get their way. 

pressure washing house entrance

Cleaning Light Fixtures

Here's a tip. While you have the ladder out, go ahead and swing it around so you can get nice and personal with your light fixtures. This is harder job with some fixtures because they might require unscrewing plates to access the inside glass panes. This isn't difficult as it is just tedious. 

Your mother would be impressed with the lack of mud daubers gracing her presence as she strolls inside to the A/C, but that light fixture ... you're going to lose points on that one. 

Painting the Ceiling

Over a period of years, living in the harsh Florida elements, you've probably noticed you have to paint your home at least every 10 years if not more often. Something to consider more frequently is your entrance ceiling. Pressure washing the ceiling can definitely give you a nice fresh look, but if you are out to impress your mother ... you need FRESH! 

blue ceiling.jpg

It has been our experience that most mothers are impressed by freshly painted ceilings in the front entrances of homes. Don't ask us why. Guess its just in the details. One more thing to add to this thought is the resistance of mud daubers. Some of our customers have painted the ceilings of their front entrances a light blue color. The result? They haven't had any mud daubers come back to nest! Its kind of a crazy thing, but we can say for sure at this point that it is working. What we can't say for sure if your mother will be thrilled. You'll have to leave that one up to chance.

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