Reasons to Pressure Wash Your House

These are some of the reasons our customers have hired us to clean the exterior of their house:

  • Aid in prolonging the life of the exterior paint  and therefore the life of the building materials
  • To slow the growth of mold and algae
  • To cut down the build up of dirt and debris
  •  Improve the aesthetic appeal of the house
  •  Meet homeowner association requirements for proper up keep

Why is Maintenance so Important?

For a home or building, the simple answer is to protect your investment. Our goal in providing a maintenance plan is to aid in the protection of the investment you’ve made in painting.  The frequency of maintenance depends on your area. Homes with little sun light and a lot of trees can need a more frequent cleaning. However, we have seen homes in full sun need frequent pressure washing too. 

Why Choose Us?

Special care is taken with particular building materials or methods, such as vinyl siding. We always take precaution to only clean and not disrupt any protective water barriers underneath. Making sure your home is protected while being cleaned is a key reason in hiring a professional.  

Areas We Service

For over 10 years, Clear Advantage Cleaning has brought satisfaction to thousands of customers across Ormond Beach, Port Orange, Palm Coast and New Smyrna Beach by keeping the exterior of their house clean. 

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Pressure Washing Your Driveway

Driveway cleaning techniques by Clear Advantage Cleaning are safe, fast and affordable. Our technicians have over 10 years of pressure washing experience that translates to an excellent final result. 

Click the link above to set an appointment and speak with one of our estimators about your driveway and sidewalks.

Pressure washing your driveway