The Single Most Important Tip When Pressure Washing Before An Event

plan ahead for pressure washing

As it might seem, there is really only one thing you have to get right when trying to get your house pressure washed before an event. Do you think you know what it is? 

Plan Ahead!

As with most things in life that turn out successfully, timing is everything. While this may seem blatantly obvious, it serves as a good reminder to think about the bigger picture of your event when planning. It is easy to get sucked into the details of decorating and food preparation and forget you have a thousand mud daubers living in your front entrance way. Ok, maybe not a thousand, but probably 15 or 20 and they are off putting to your guests.

Depending on what kind of event you are having and how much work has to be done, you will have to think about coordination. Another reason to get that calendar out and flip back a couple pages.

Let's say you are having a high school graduation pool party at your house. Usually there are many areas that will need attention. Anything from changing light bulbs to freshening up the landscaping to pressure washing the driveway and doing some window cleaning. Most likely you will be using several different companies to get all the work done per their specialty. Therefore coordinating schedules can get tricky. If you are having your carpets cleaned and landscaping installed, you'll want to make sure those companies are scheduled so they aren't in each other's way. When it comes to pressure washing, you have to think about two things - your highest priorities to clean and scheduling the services so at the end everything comes out right. If you are having you house pressure washed and your windows cleaned, you'll definitely want to schedule the window cleaning last so you don't have overspray from the pressure washing on the glass. 

In summary

Think ahead. Think bigger than your event details. Remember to coordinate schedules. If you need some last minute cleaning or would like to do some planning before your next event, you can connect with one of our estimators here.