4 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Painting Company

Painting your home is a decision that creeps up on you about every 8 to 10 years. Once you get your head around the decision to move forward with the work, you have to find a reputable and qualified painting company to do the work. We've put together four factors to consider when hiring a painting company. 

hiring a painting company

Knowledge & Resources

One underestimated quality of a great painting company is their ability to resource solutions to your problems. Not every home is created equal so from time to time we find there are unique situations that deserve unique solutions. The best way to tackle these kind of issues is to work with the homeowner to fully understand the problem and how they want it solved, then we connect with our resources to find that solution. Occasionally, we will run across a problem we have never seen and it will require some additional research, but our goal is to provide the client with a more than acceptable solution and outcome. This requires knowledge and experience in our field and being flexible on how we approach each project. 


One of the most important aspects of painting a home is in the details. It's buried right there. In the beginning of the project, there are many questions to be answered in order to get everything right on the back end. If the details aren't considered from the beginning you will end up with a mess at some point in the project. 

There are many painting companies out there who will just simply put paint on a house when asked. This is not what you are looking for.  You need a painting company that will communicate with you the details of the project you may not have considered.

For example, do you want the downspouts of your gutters painted the same color as the house? In particular places on your home, where exactly do you want the new color to stop and start? What kind of paint did the last painter use and why? How are the plants going to be covered during the process of painting?

Getting your approval on all the details before the project gets started will put you at ease and make sure the project is successful and completed on time. 

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You may not have thought about how many things can actually go wrong during the process of painting your home. This is a critical component to hiring a qualified painting company. You need to make sure you are protected in case any of the following things occur:

  • A painter falls off a ladder
  • Overspray damage
  • Painting spill
  • Property damage in any way

It doesn't take much for a painting company to get the proper insurance on their end. There really isn't an excuse for not having it when working with you on your property. As a homeowner it will help you greatly to have a copy of the painting company's workers' compensation insurance coverage and general liability coverage. If a company cannot provide this before starting their work, it is a sign you need to find a new painting company.


This aspect of hiring a painting company cannot be overstated. It is a vital component to great painting work. Hiring a painting company that is professional in all aspects of how they interact with you will most likely insure their work is professional in nature too. A painting company that prides themselves in what they do will have professional uniforms, marked vehicles and the proper equipment to do the work. 

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