3 Clear Advantage Painting Company Secrets

painting compnay secrets

Our service is somewhat unique among other painting companies in the Volusia or Flagler county market. Not only have we been in business for more than a decade, we have helped our customers with more than painting. Our services extend far beyond painting our customers' homes. 

First Clear Advantage Painting Secret

Since we offer more services than painting, we can surround the problem with a more holistic solution. Painting a home requires knowledge on many fronts and one of those fronts is prep work. As they say, "it's all in the prep work." 

Getting a great pressure wash before painting is critical when working with old paint or failing paint. This is the very first step before thinking about putting paint on a brush. Next, we have to deal with any failing paint. Scraping and sanding where necessary is important when trying to give your home a clean, fresh look. Your typical painting company is not going to pay as close attention to the prep work. Why? Usually it is something they throw in the bid at the last minute and haven't factored it in their cost. This means if they spend the time it actually takes to do it right, they are losing money. 

Second Clear Advantage Painting Secret

We pressure wash all surfaces related to the painting work we will be doing for our customers as mentioned above but we also take care to clean all areas that just make sense. Take for example, we had a customer call us to clean her soffits and fascia. When we arrived to do the estimate we realized she just had her home painted. This means the painting company she hired painted her walls but didn't touch the soffits or fascia. This looked horrible. It is the best example of a typical painting company not going the extra mile to give the customer what they really need but focusing solely on making money. 

Third Clear Advantage Painting Secret

Priming the surface before you paint can be sort of a misnomer. Depending on the surface you are needing painted, most of the time we use a product called Painter's Insurance. This is an acrylic surface conditioner. It bonds with old chalky paint and allows you to not have to use a more expensive primer. We have used this for many years. Since the product goes on very easily, it allows the customer to save little on material costs and also cut back a little on labor costs. Win Win. 

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