1 Reason to Get a Second Opinion From Painting Contractors

Your home is where you spend quality time with your family. When you leave it in the morning and arrive home to it after work, it speaks to you. It is either saying thank you or help me! You want to take care of your home so you can continue to enjoy it for years to come. So you decide to give it a good cleaning and a new coat of paint. The next step is to find that one solid painting company that wakes up thinking about sharing their painting love with the world. But, before you hire, consider this one reason to get a second opinion from painting contractors.

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Validate the Information & Direction

Not every painting company is created equal. You may have not had a negative experience in the past to bring this fact to light, but we can confirm that it is still true. Not every painting company truly cares about the customer. This is not always evident on the front end of the painting process but will rear its ugly head at the end if the painting company you choose doesn't get it. 

Our advice to keep yourself and your house safe is to get a second opinion. This takes a little more work on your part, but we promise it is very much worth it. Call at least two painting companies before you start your project and put together a list of questions for them before they start. The most important thing to consider is the information they are giving you.

Here are some questions to ask:

  1. What are they saying they will do to properly repaint your home?
  2. Do they have a solid process they follow?
  3. Are they advocating using the best paint?
  4. Have they ever painted a house similar to yours? 
  5. Do they have the proper credentials?
  6. What do their past customers say about them and their work?
  7. Can they give you a good evaluation of why you need to paint now?

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