The Hazards of Beach Life

Living near the beach is a wonderful gift. Almost any morning, you can watch the sunrise over the Atlantic while sipping your favorite coffee and feeling at peace with life before you start the day. Among the other great assets of beach life, one of my favorites is spending time in the evening sun out on the back deck. With friends over and the grill heating up, we take time to catch up on each other's lives. Everyone has a different story and perspective on life as I prepare the food and we all enjoy the spring time outdoors.


Being outside is a beautiful thing until you realize the mud daubers have built a colony of mud mounds under the soffit. Gross! This is definitely not appealing to my guests or the paint job I just had done in January. Oh but that’s ok, we still have meat cooking nicely on the grill and the sun setting over the river.

Then I look up and catch a view of my windows that I have not seen in this particular light. They do not shine. In fact, they do the opposite. They have this film that looks like someone meticulously spread toothpaste over every inch. Salt spray makes me feel like my work is never done.  This unavoidable fact is definitely a hazard of beach life and if not addressed it can make your paint, window sills, furniture, and anything else outside deteriorate quicker than it normally would.

For all these reasons has set its focus on helping the homeowner understand all the outdoor hazards. The key is to have a plan for properly maintaining your home through pressure washing, window cleaning and pool service.  If you live near the beach, when was the last time you had your home pressure washed or windows cleaned?

If it has been more than six months since you’ve had your house pressure washed, you are overdue. With the changes in seasons and the constant flow of salty air, your home is always under attack. Call or email for a free inspection and to get a list of recommendations. Keep your home beautiful and your friends happy.

Steaks are done. Time to eat.