Should You Guard Your Gutters?

A great asset to living in the Ormond Beach, FL or the surrounding areas is the possibility of having trees around your property. They give shade, privacy, and sometimes hope to those who are in a life quandary. If you need a good recap on why trees are good, go here.  Simply put, trees are awesome. But when you combine their natural shedding patterns with FL wind patterns, you quickly have full gutters. From pine straw to oak leaves, gutters get stuffy pretty quick and then the rain comes. If you have gutters, you know all about this problem.

There are about 1,357 kinds of ways to guard that metal lip extending from your roof line. During our 11 years of cleaning them out and covering them up we have never found one that really solves the problem 100%, especially for the cost of buying and installing them. Our experience is that at some point they get clogged with some kind of debris and a gutter cleaning is needed.  Then, cleaning gutters that are guarded is like driving a car from the outside.

What we recommend instead is a plan of proper maintenance.  Since we think gutters are necessary, we think the best way to approach keeping your gutters working and flowing properly is to simply clean them. This way they will love you and can do their job 100%.  Call or email us to schedule an inspection and we will provide you with a list of recommendations for maintaining all of your outdoor spaces.