5 Reasons to Consider Gutters

It is 2:55pm and pouring down rain. You were engrossed in reading a ClearAdvantageCleaning.com  blog post about How Window Cleaning Can Save You Money and you realize you have to pick up your daughter at school at 3pm. Ok, time to go. Grab your keys and purse. Open the door and the rain has all of a sudden become your enemy. You now have to run through a sheet of water pouring off your roof to get to your car. This is a moment when it would be nice to have gutters. You would be able to show up in the carpool line without looking like you stopped for a swim on the way.

Or, maybe you park in the garage. Good idea. Then try this one – you get back from picking up your daughter and the rain has stopped so you encourage her to play outside until dinner.  As you walk into the house you have to step over ½ a truck load of mulch that used to be in your perfectly landscaped beds. You look over and see a nice washed out spot of landscaping from the downpour earlier.  Easy, this will go on the husband’s to do list. Good play, but you know that won’t last long.

Dinner is cooking and smelling great! You must be reheating that lasagna for the third time. Hey, I totally understand. Unfortunately, you left it in a little long and it starts to smoke so you get out your trusty kitchen towel and start waiving in an upward motion. As you watch the smoke float up toward the smoke detector you notice that a tiny crack has formed and is creeping down your drywall on the outermost wall. What is that?? No time to investigate, you have to get the smoke out.

littel girl mud pie.jpg

The smoke is gone now and you go out back to call for your daughter, who I’m sure is playing nicely on the swing set. At first she doesn’t respond and then you hear her faint voice from around the side of the house. You walk around to see what she’s doing. She is having a grand ole time playing in the mud. Head to toe she is covered and you instantly see your night getting longer. “Why did you dig that hole?” you ask. She responds, “I found it when we got home. The rain made it.” Great! You stand there staring at a monster hole that looks as if a family of turtles were trying to make it to sea by way of your home’s foundation. This must be what created that crack.

These problems that always seem to happen in one day can all be attributed to the lack of gutters. Well, not the lasagna problem. But the others are annoying at best and harmful to the integrity of your home’s foundation and aesthetic appeal. Not having a place to put all that water when it comes your way can be detrimental to the other investments you are making in your home.

So, call or email us. We will conduct an inspection and provide some recommendations for a plan to fix any problems and put together a plan for future maintenance. We are an all inclusive outdoor cleaning company that wants to make sure our customers understand how to properly maintain their home. What we are saying is that we love you and you don't even know it.