How Window Cleaning Can Save You Money

Clear Advantage Cleaning has a built in mechanism to give you, the homeowner, the information and direction to properly take care of your home. It is our inspection and recommendations. One of our experienced estimators walks the perimeter of your home looking for areas that need to be maintained. These areas include but are not limited to house pressure washing, gutter cleaning, window cleaning, driveway pressure washing, pool deck pressure washing, pool screen repair and cleaning and more. After putting together a customized calculation of what it will take to maintain each area, we provide you with our final recommendations.

When our customers decide which services they would like us to perform, they can schedule those services for a time that fits best on their calendar.

One of the services we perform that goes further once selected is window cleaning. Window cleaning in Ormond Beach, FL or anywhere on the coast for that matter can be more than initially meets the eye. We must know what is on the windows and how to get it off without damaging the glass or screens in the process. Most people look at window cleaning as a “generic service” or “one dimensional”. 

Window Technician Inspection Report

Window Technician Inspection Report

If you have ever tried to clean your windows before, you know this is simply not true. Windows are definitely not all made equal and cleaning them can be very challenging. We will cover more on this in a following post.

When one of our customers decides to have us clean their windows, we provide them a free window inspection, delivered upon finishing the cleaning.

Here are the tasks our window technician will be performing on a typical window cleaning project:

1. When arriving, our technician will walk the interior and exterior of the home to visually inspect the project.

2. Talk with the homeowner to identify any known issues with the windows or their current level of attention needed. Bring in equipment needed for completing the project.

3. Begin working

During the process of working our technician will be documenting the work on the above Window Inspection Report.  Some of the areas our technician will be inspecting during the work are as follows:

- Cracked Glass

- Scratched Glass

- Glass needing to be chemically restored

- Window Frames

- Screen Condition

- Mullion Defects

- Tint Defects, Scratches or Peeling

- Blinds

- Window Shades

- Window Springs

- Window Latches

- Alarm Sensor Function

- Storm Shutter

- Aluminum Track


leaky window.jpg

When finished working, we provide you with this up to date report so you will know  if all your window parts are functioning and if you need to make repairs.  Of course, at that point we won’t leave you to find the answer yourself. On your lead we can go to work on getting each of the repairs fixed and all of your windows back to working condition.

When was the last time you opened all your windows to see if they actually work? My guess is not lately. The summer humidity will take care of the best laid window repair plans.  But, if you know the current state of your windows, you will have the opportunity to fix repairs before they get out of hand.

If you are an out of state homeowner living in Ormond Beach, FL or surrounding areas, there is a chance for one of these repairs to go unnoticed if you are not always using your windows. It would be horrible to return to your home when you are down and find the latest storm that blew through crept in through a leaky window sill. The damage is not worth it.

You can imagine all the possibilities of costly damage done with window components in need of repair. We can make it simple for you. Email or call us to schedule our initial inspection and we can give you some advice on which way to take your window cleaning project.