The Unfortunate Truth When Trying to Keep Windows Clean in Florida

One of the best reasons to retire to Ormond Beach, Daytona or Port Orange is the weather. When it’s good, it is so good, and when it’s bad, it is so bad. But when you are retired, life is all about the weather, right? It can be a fascinating topic to watch and study. It makes you wonder why you didn’t spend as much time thinking about it when you were younger.

Unfortunately weather patterns don’t just bring you that beautiful breeze when you are tanning in the hammock. They bring salt spray and tree pollen, among many other environmental hazards. If you are working on keeping your home clean you notice this quickly and often because of the impact it has on your windows. The algae can build quickly in the window tracks, especially near the Port Orange area and the salt spray is prevalent in the Daytona and Ormond Beach areas.

The film is so heavy that you can’t see that nice view you pay so dearly for each month. So you pull yourself up and decide to take window cleaning into your own hands. You grab the hose and start spraying. “Wow, what a difference! This is going to be so easy”, you think to yourself.  “I’ll be done in time to watch Mad Men and catch a rerun of Seinfeld before dinner.”  Your confidence is high.

Professional Exterior Window Cleaning

Professional Exterior Window Cleaning

You cut off the hose and start walking in. As you get close you realize now that the inside of the glass is smudged with little fingers from the grandkids and the dog’s nose. Ugh, just when you were ahead. “Ok, maybe only one Seinfeld episode tonight.” You start the search for glass cleaner, which you thought you left under the kitchen sink and it’s not there. You look up and see the framed graphical picture hanging above the pantry that says, “Keep Calm and Carry On.” You take a deep breath and head to the utility room, then the bathroom and finally to the garage. Oh yeah, you were putting some elbow grease into your car windows last weekend, that’s where it is. Whew!

Back inside, you pace off about 10 paper towels while you think to yourself, “I hate wasting all these paper towels” and “someone told me newspaper works the best for window cleaning.” You decide to use them and start cleaning the sliding glass doors to the back deck area. Ok, now you are back in control. You can do this.

You finish up and head into the kitchen. You look at all those wood blinds and screens and say, “I think that’s good for today.” Your win (besides cleaning the sliders) is going to be putting the glass cleaner back in the right spot so you can find it again. Good job!

Back to your favorite chair to catch the end of that second Seinfeld rerun. It’s been a little while since you washed off the outside so you glance over to admire your handy work and start to prepare your speech for when your spouse gets home. WHAT?! The smudges are gone but the outside basically looks the same! How is this?? You sigh and chalk it up to not missing Mad Men that is starting in 10 minutes. Time to make a sandwich. 

Window cleaning in Ormond Beach or anywhere on the coast for that matter can be more than initially meets the eye. It is sometimes hard to know what is on the windows and how to get it off without damaging the glass or screens in the process. We’ve had it described to us as “simply a generic service” that is very one dimensional, until they start the process of cleaning and realize how much really goes into window cleaning.

We have been a residential window cleaning company for 10 years and have a professional process for getting our client’s windows looking new and giving them back their view.

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