What to Do When Window Cleaning is Not Your Full Time Job

We have seen people struggle to keep their windows clean on their own merit only to find they are constantly unsatisfied with the end result. What they typically find is that window cleaning is time consuming. If the proper techniques, materials and equipment aren't used in the right way they end up with doing twice the work to get it right. When window cleaning isn’t your job, you may think they best option is to just “pull the shades”. That is precisely why we put together these helpful tips for you consider when working on window cleaning at your home. 


Understand the Basics

Before beginning your window cleaning project, you have to go into it knowing it will take more time than you think it will. This is the biggest mistake people make with window cleaning. Most people don't set aside enough time for the work and they will cut corners to make up for it. The final outcome is met with some windows clean and some with streaks. Just like in any other line of work, focus is necessary to get the job done right. If this were your job, you would have a standard process to follow for cleaning each type of window and for how long it should take. You would become more efficient with every window you clean, making it a second nature with what you do first, what you do second and how to work safely. 

Another thing to understand is that the spray and wash method doesn't work. We have customers who have used this product in the past and tell us that it is doesn't give them good results. They have said everything from "it didn't really do anything" to "it left my windows with streaks". Again, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true. A product like spray and wash is for those who want to cut corners and are ok with a less than satisfying result. 

We have surveyed our customers and most of them say Windex and paper towels don't work either. Here's the issue - when you clean a window without direct sunlight shining through it, it will appear clean until the sun hits it. This is the case with windex and paper towels. It looks clean until the sun shines through. Once that happens you will see all the streaks left behind. Also, paper towels are not soft by nature. Their rough texture can scratch films or UV protection. It is best to use a micro fiber towel or a soft sponge on those type of applications.

money tree.jpg

The Money Windows

Window cleaning for an entire home can be overwhelming, especially if you have a home with 100 windows like some of our customers. One easy way to narrow your focus and take some of the stress off is to focus on the "Money Windows". These are the windows that you use or are looking through on a daily basis. It could be glass sliding doors out to the pool deck, the kitchen window or breakfast nook bay windows. Also, you can focus on the the ones that are the biggest eye sores. If time is of the essence, work on the ones that matter and then approach everything else when more time is available. We've seen many people planning an event and forget about the window cleaning until the last few days. This is a great scenario when you should just focus on the money windows. 

Deeper Than the Glass

Ultimately, if window cleaning has become a lower priority because of the nature of the work and time you have to devote to it, finding a professional window cleaning company might be your best move. The main reason in hiring a company is to get the work setup on a scheduled maintenance plan. 

When servicing your windows once every season you are taking a closer look at the surrounding components that go into your home. Window cleaning is not just cleaning glass. You must also consider the frames, the sills, the moving mechanisms, any UV film or shades and the building material holding the window in place. If you are paying close attention to these other parts on a regular basis, you are definitely going to be saving money in the long run. Catching smaller issues early before they turn into bigger problems is the best way to look at window cleaning as a project. 



What is your time worth? Should you be spending your time doing something that is more in line with your expertise? Think about hiring a window cleaning company who has the expertise and a track record of professionalism. This will give you the desired outcome you are really looking to achieve. If you are used to doing the window cleaning yourself, try hiring someone as a trial run. See if they have what it takes and if it is worth the value of having them help you take something off your to do list.