2 Major Steps Your Window Cleaning Company is Skipping

If someone else was paying a competitive price for window cleaning but getting much more value for that price, wouldn't you want to know? How does it feel to know your neighbor just might have cleaner windows than you do? Well, we're here to tell you about the two most common short cuts window cleaning companies take to make up for giving you a low price. Let's jump right into it.


Screens and Tracks

A lot the windows on residences here in Florida have screens on them. Aside from popular belief, we have a number of months in the spring when you can literally turn off your air conditioner and pull your windows up. Unfortunately we do have those pesky little mosquitos that can ruin any good outdoor dinner party. So you lift your windows and keep the screens in. 

The screens get dirty just like the glass gets dirty. And when you clean the glass, you have to clean the screen too. Otherwise, over time you will notice the lower portion of your window gets hard to look through, even though it is technically clean. 

A low priced window cleaning company has to make up for the money they lost getting the job somewhere. This is one of the easiest places we've seen them do it. We've talked to many new customers who have told us their last window cleaning company never cleaned their screens, even when they explicitly asked them to. It definitely takes more time to do this and if you aren't there to deliver a total value, it is easy to just skip the screens and collect the check.

Tracks are a whole other story. For a typical window cleaning company, this work is off the table entirely. They usually don't want to do the real work of cleaning the tracks along with the glass. Our company includes the tracks as a natural part of window cleaning. This is our standard of excellence. We don't want to leave your home and anything be left to interpretation. Our goal is to deliver in top form on all your expectations every time. 


Hard to Access Windows

A window cleaning company will come out and give you an estimate for what they are going to do and usually include hard to reach windows. After the job is won, they have to do the work. This is when certain windows will get skipped. If you, the customer, can't really check their work it is hard to know if the window was cleaned or not. On a lot of the hard to reach windows this is exactly what happens. 

One way to know if your window cleaning company is skipping hard to reach windows is to look at the equipment they are using. Are they using ladders in and around the areas where you have hard to reach windows? If not, do they have high reaching tools like a pole? Does the equipment they are using look like it will do a quality job? If not, you should do a little more investigating. 

When you are hiring a window cleaning company, ask about the tools they are using to do the work. Ask them how they will safely use those tools in and around your home. How they answer will tell you a lot. 

Are you unsure about your current window cleaning company? Go lift up your windows and see if the tracks are detailed out nicely after they leave. If you feel like you aren't getting the value for your money, try someone different. We are a professional cleaning company offering excellence as our standard and working to keep a customer for life, not just the initial job.