3 Reasons Window Cleaning Maintenance is Better Than Periodic Cleanings

The average person who is in charge of keeping the house clean has thought about getting their windows cleaned on a more frequent basis. But most of the time they are held back by how much work it might take and really connecting with any good reasons to see that it's necessary. Here are a few reasons to think about to give you some perspective on window cleaning maintenance.

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Longer Life of Your Windows

When considering window cleaning for your home, you have to first understand that window cleaning goes deeper than just the glass. If you are cleaning or you hire a professional, there is really only one way to do the work. You must look at every area and clean accordingly. A poor job of cleaning is just paying attention to the glass. There will be so much left un cared for and you will start to experience more expensive problems down the road.

When you pay attention to the functionality of the window while cleaning you can stay on top of any major issues that will pop up. While cleaning, you should be lifting each window and inspecting the path of movement, the condition of the hinges and mechanisms used and the overall weather proofing on the window. If you have UV film on the inside to protect you from harmful sun rays, this needs to be maintained regularly and handled with care. Also, take a look at the window sills on the inside and outside including the wood or building material used in framing the window. This needs to be inspected for rot or abnormal wear and tear. By taking these measures when cleaning you will catch small issues early that would turn into bigger and more expensive problems later. And if you aren't in the mood to fix them right away, it will allow you to plan for the cost of the repair.

The goal in maintenance is to make sure your windows are moving each season as the weather fluctuates hot and cold. Think about it like a car that has been sitting dormant for 6 months. When you get in to crank it up, it may not start up. Your windows need care each season for best operation, cleanliness and to give them the best length of life. 

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Quality of Life

Something that is a very important aspect and benefit to keeping a schedule for your window cleaning is considering your quality of life. You may not notice but the cleanliness of your windows can have a direct impact on the satisfaction level of a typical day at home.  Think about it. How many hours do you spend in your home each day? My guess is you spend 8 to 10 hours of your time that you are awake in or around your home. And most of that time these days is spent inside. Without windows we would get cabin fever pretty quickly. Now, how much are you looking through your windows or doors with glass? You don't notice it but you can become accustomed to the dirt that is building up on the glass over time. Then, when you get them cleaned you feel like a weight has been lifted. You feel more connected to the world outside. It brings a new level of satisfaction back into your life for a period of time. It's similar to when your sunglasses or eye glasses get dirty over time. One day you take them off and wonder how you could see anything at all. But my guess is you will clean your glasses much more often because they are right in front of your face. And it is obviously much easier to find the time to clean them versus your windows.

Another way to think about dirty windows is like a messy kitchen counter. When your countertop is messy, you tend to be more unorganized in your day, possibly forgetting where you put your keys or misplacing your child's homework. The more organized you keep your space, the more inclined you are to be more satisfied with how life is going. If you don't currently keep your windows clean on a regular schedule, imagine how much better you would feel if you could always look out and see the backyard, your kids playing or the pool patio area. You would love it and you wouldn't feel like you had one more task on your plate. After scheduling a window cleaning service you can go back to spending more time with your family or working on your golf handicap. 

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Value of Your Time

Do you currently have a housekeeper? That person or company probably won't clean windows as part of their service. They understand where they must set their boundaries to make their work hold a high value. Window cleaning falls outside of their bounds but can be scheduled just like a housekeeper. A typical schedule breakdown of how a homeowner should approach window cleaning maintenance is like this:

  • Monthly glass cleaning on all exterior windows and interior "money" windows (money windows are those you are using on a daily basis, like sliding glass doors or family room windows)
  • Quarterly window cleaning on all exterior windows, interior windows, tracks, screens and glass doors, including glass slider doors

This is a service schedule you can rely on. Once budgeted, it goes on the calendar and is one less thing you need to think about. No more knee jerk reactions. Its a nice and easily planned for event. 

On average, if you have a scheduled window cleaning, you will spend less time working on it than if it is not a planned event. Finding or buying all your supplies and doing it yourself can take a day or longer. It can be a hassle getting estimates from different companies each time you decide to clean, so the best thing to do is to find a good solid company, then set it and forget it.