3 Holiday Cleaning Tips

That time of year is upon us. Where did the time go? We ask ourselves that same question every year. It seems that we've become busier than ever and the events keep coming one after another. Whew! What a roller coaster!

In anticipation for the holidays we have put together a short list of exterior cleaning tips to help you pull it all together.

Tip 1: Plan Ahead

This tip comes directly from another post we did about cleaning for events. As with most things in life that turn out successfully, timing is everything. While this may seem blatantly obvious, it serves as a good reminder to think about the bigger picture of your event when planning. It is easy to get sucked into the details of decorating and food preparation and forget you have a thousand mud daubers living in your front entrance way. Ok, maybe not a thousand, but probably 15 or 20 and they are off putting to your guests.

The best way to get ahead of whatever problem you may be facing for the holidays is to start planning now. Carve out about 30 minutes and grab a pen and notepad. Take a walk around your house and see what needs to be cleaned and get your list together. 

Tip 2: Prioritize

What you may find when you put your list together is that it is VERY long. This happens naturally while you are focusing your time on everything else that is screaming for your attention. Things fall apart and most of all things get very dirty. No problem, just take that list and narrow it down to the bare essentials. Yes, if you think you have it in you, go ahead and plan to knock out the whole thing! More power to you! But, for most of you, taking the top 2 or 3 major areas and putting together a simple plan and budget is going to be the ticket. 

Areas we suggest to focus on first:

  • Pool Deck
  • Pool Screen or Lanai
  • Front Entrance
  • Front of House
  • Windows

Tip 3: Call a Professional Now (Not Later)

This will seem obvious since you are reading this on a service professional's blog, but bear in mind our schedule gets really busy during the holidays. If you are thinking about getting your home cleaned up for the holiday events then other people are probably doing the same thing. (Well, except for the the people who are coming to your house.)

As they say, timing is everything. If you put your list on the end of your desk and forget about it until a few days before your holiday party, there is a chance you won't make it on the schedule until after that party has passed. This time of year we do our very best to accommodate everyone's schedules, but we can only do what is physically possible. Think ahead and get on the schedule sooner rather than later. 

Ok. You are all set to host that holiday party. It is going to be great. No one will smirk at your entry way mud dauber nests and they will all leave good reviews on yelp after the party is over.   The holidays are going to be great this year! Go get em!

Oh, here is our number. Call us to get setup.

(386) 252-4447