A Painting Company's Simple Guide for When You Should Paint Your Home

painting company guide

A new coat of paint can bring your home to life with a fresh burst of color, but how do you know when it's time to tackle this task? You only need to answer three simple questions to help you determine if and when you need to paint your home. 

#1 - How long has it been since you painted your home?

It's always a good idea to evaluate the appearance of any painting that has already been done. Examine your painted walls and woodwork for signs that the existing paint job is losing its beauty.

 #2- When does it make the most sense to paint your home with your schedule?

 Even if you hire a professional painting company, this type of task is going to be mildly disruptive to the family's schedule. Consider your busyness as a family and the favorability of the weather.

#3 - Does it make more sense to protect the existing paint job or wait until it begins to fade or crack?

A reputable painting company will tell you that it's always best to paint sooner rather than later, because there's less corrective action involved.

 Get your home painted now and every 3 to 5 years thereafter!