Pressure Washing 101

In 1927, Frank Ofeldt claimed to have invented the steam pressure washer or "high-pressure Jenny". In 1950 Alfred Karcher invented the first hot-water high pressure washer. And here we are, 63 years later, making the most of Alfred’s invention, we are putting it to very good use.

Here are a few simple facts about pressure washing as it relates to you, the homeowner:

Pressure Washing the House – Depending on where you are located, your house should be pressure washed about once per year. Start with the fascia then the soffits and wash down the walls. If its brick, it’s probably not going to be that dirty, so a simple rinse down will be fine.

Pressure Washing the Driveway and Sidewalks – Probably somewhere in the late 80’s or early 90’s someone invented the surface cleaner. This helped to put a dent in the waiting list at the local back doctor.  If you’ve ever tried to pressure wash more than about 200 square feet with a wand, you know that it takes about 30 minutes to get your back to straighten out. Pressure washing your driveway and sidewalk brings back the curb appeal and takes away any slippery mold or grime.

Pressure Washing the Pool Deck – Here is where a wand will help you. If you have a painted surface, make sure to clean gently in order to keep the paint from chipping. If you have pavers, after you clean the next step is to replace any sand that has eroded. Then the next best step is to seal them and bring back their natural luster.

Pressure Washing the Pool Screen – After the invention of the pool came the pool screen. Well, something like that. We live in Florida so it sounds right to me. If you have rips or holes in your screen, you will eventually get spiders. These have to be taken down prior to pressure washing because once you get them wet they aren’t going anywhere. The problem with most pool screens is their height. If you have one that is two stories high you’ll need an extension. We can help you here. Click here to schedule an estimate.

As you can see, that simple invention back in the 50’s has brought lots of joy to homeowners around our world. But especially in the Ormond Beach, Palm Coast, New Smyrna and Port Orange areas. Yes, Floridians of all people know about dirty houses.