painting a pool deck for a customer

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Wife with three young children and two small dogs has a baby shower coming up in two months. She will be using her pool deck as overflow for the party. Unfortunately the paint on the deck is faded, cracking and just overall dirty. Her time to work on the project was limited due to everyday life responsibilities and other party planning tasks.


She hired Clear Advantage Cleaning to paint her pool deck within one week and had plenty of time to setup and redecorate for her baby shower.

painting pool deck for a customer

How We Did It: 

  • Mon AM: Conducted an inspection and provided her with a free estimate for painting the deck. She discussed it with her husband.
  • Tues AM: She called us and told us they wanted us to do the work. We scheduled the pressure washing for the following day.
  • Wed PM: Moved all the furniture and accessories out of the way and pressure washed pool deck.
  • Thurs AM: Applied first coat of paint to the deck and let it dry overnight.
  • Fri AM: Applied the second coat of paint and left her with instructions. This gave her the weekend to start setting up her deck the way she wanted it to look for the baby shower.

Our step by step process for painting your pool deck:

  1. We begin the process by removing all furniture and items off the deck.
  2. Then we will pressure wash the lanai (or pool screen), pool deck and any other neighboring area that needs to be cleaned.
  3. After the surface has dried we will proceed with caulking cracks in the deck or making any necessary repairs.
  4. Next we test any existing coatings for proper adhesion of the new paint.
  5. Based on the test, we will prime the surface if necessary for proper adhesion.
  6. Lastly, we apply two coats of high quality paint.
  7. After 24 to 48 hours the furniture can be put pack on the newly painted pool deck.

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